Photograph by Paige Green

Photograph by Paige Green

The Lucid Art Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Private Operating Foundation cofounded in the fall of 1998 by Robert Anthoine, Fariba Bogzaran (artist/scientist), and Gordon Onslow Ford (painter). The concept of Lucid Art developed out of two research studies on Lucid Dreaming (Consciousness in Sleep) and Modern Art.  

The Foundation is the recipient of the art collection and archives of the late surrealist painter Gordon Onslow Ford. Onslow Ford was a pioneer in exploring the “inner worlds” through painting. 

The mission of the Lucid Art Foundation is to explore the phenomena of the inner worlds and deep levels of consciousness through visual arts, spontaneous painting, writings, and other means to make visible the otherwise invisible, creating an inclusive way of seeing that is in harmony with the natural world of which we are a part.

To carry out its mission, the Foundation engages in a variety of activities, including annual seminars for professional artists, an artist residency program, publications, exhibitions, and collection management (loans of artwork to museums and galleries).

Board of Directors and Officers:

Fariba Bogzaran, Cofounder, President

James Stavoy, Chair

Steven Simontacchi, Secretary

Kathryn Hansen, Treasurer

Elizabeth Zarlengo